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Wuhan Golden Wing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd was founded in 2000, we are a professional supplier of Mainly four categories of products including Agricultural Products & Foods, Chemicals, Textiles, and Castings. Our products are widely used in Food & Beverage industry, Chemical industry, Pharmacy industry, Textile industry, and Machinery industry, etc.
We have established stable business relationship with more than thirty countries and regions all over of the world. The main countries and regions are: Singapore, South Korea, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Africa, Kenya, Latvia, U.K., Germany, Czech, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Ethiopia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, etc.
We are a professional and experienced tea
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Industrial & Fine Chemicals
Reagent & Lab Supplies
Food & Food Additives
Room 1101, Building2-2, DaJiang Yuan (North Garden), JiangDa Road, JiangAn District, Wuhan, China Post Code:430015
Web: http://www.ukktt.com/
Tel: 0086 27 82611835
Fax: 0086 27 59204117
Email: chemical@golden-wing.cn / chemical@golden-wing.com.cn / sales@golden-wing.com.cn
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